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street magician trolls cop with weed.


I kissed a girl with a broken smile. She tasted like vodka and smelled of blood. You would tell her you loved her and you could never tell if she felt the same or despised you for saying it. She smiled at you like she knew something you didn’t, like she was always one step ahead. And oh god, was she. Her replies were always quick and witty as if she already knew what you were going to say. Her nails were always painted black which matched the black eyeliner framing her eyes. Whenever you begged her to stop smoking, she’d look at you with those eyes, those god damn eyes, and kiss you. She never did quit, though. You tried kissing the poison out of her, and all you were left with was rotting lips. She left claw marks on everything she touched, including your heart.

—her laughter made the world around you dissolve and that’s how it felt when she left (via restrictedthoughts)

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He called you beautiful, didn’t he? Told you
that there would never be a girl like you who could
have this effect on him. And you believed him, didn’t you?
Looked past the truth because in the end, we all just want to be
someone’s everything. When he took you out, he tied you
around his arm. He made you feel as if he was saying,
”Look. Look at this girl, this woman, this everything
I have ever wanted and received.” It made you feel special,
made you feel above everyone who didn’t belong to him.
You can say that you did, that’s okay that was the point.
That was his intension all along. But tell me, when those months
passed and you could feel his once tight grip around your love
loosening, did you still feel above the rest? Or did you blame
it all on the time changing and not on the certainty of it all?
That this is what he does. Builds a home inside of someone
whose only hope is focused on forever while his is only focused
on how much he can consume before he gets too full and cannot
finish what he started. When was it that you started noticing his
inevitable distance? When he hardly replied to your texts?
When he promised to call you back but got side-tracked
instead? Or was it when he started treating you
like a chore and not what you really are, which is a priority.
When he stopped taking you out as often as he did before,
pushed you out of the center of his universe, did you create
an excuse for your heart because you were not yet ready
to let it down from the reality of it all? The fact is that what
once made you feel so secure is now going to be
the most dangerous thing for you. But right now is the time
to accept the harsh truth, and now is the time to show your heart
that not everyone is sincere as they seem. So do for your heart
what he never could and give it closure. Give it freedom.
Give it everything it deserves, and everything that he could
never keep up with. Show your heart that there is still love
beyond this world that you built with him. That there is still
something worth fighting for, even if that means
that it is no longer going to be fighting for him.

"Stop fighting for the wrong kind of love," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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psychedelicatessenn’s second giveaway 

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